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Josh Redel

“Tom has been a fantastic partner. He has helped us aggressively tackle multiple projects while developing our design system. His ability to partner with numerous PMs has helped us bring to life several critical projects and embed a design mindset into our culture. He has been a great coach for PMs and has a strong, open style of communication. The quality of his work speaks for itself – he would be a major asset on any team!"

Josh Redel
Product Manager
Alex Fox

“Tom exhibits all the skills you'd expect from a seasoned product designer. He brought a high level of technical experience to the team that elevated our prototyping efforts and empowered our engineers. His knowledge of component-based design systems makes him an efficient designer and an effective engineering partner. He's a talented designer who I would work with again in a heartbeat.”

Alex Fox
Senior Product Designer
Elizabeth Soracco

“Tom is a great listener, communicator, and idea man. You can come to him with nebulous UX ideas or a hard UI problem to solve and he can take those problems and make sense of them into a UX/UI flow that feels intuitive and seamless. Tom is not only good at what he does, but he's also good at educating those around him so that people like me can begin to better understand our own UX/UI work."

Elizabeth Soracco
Senior Product Manager
Trevor Reeves

“Tom continues to be my defacto adviser on consumer behavior as it relates to products. During our last startup, StreamPro, he designed the entire product. We trusted his expertise and ended up going from 0 to 100,000 users in a few months due to his product decisions. If you want a pro on your team who has been through the fire and found success, Tom is your guy."

Trevor Reeves
Head of Sales
Ali Moiz

“The quality of Tom's UI/UX & web design work is outstanding. Hard to find this level of finish. He's also personable, friendly, respectful, and easy to work with. It was a pleasure working with Tom."

Ali Moiz
Cody Merrill

“Tom is a highly competent UX Designer and all-around software product specialist. I am fortunate to have Tom's advisory services for my startup Socialwyze. Not only am I receiving world-class advice on design and managing development, but also I benefit from the rich passion and genuine encouragement that every solo founder needs from mentors."

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Frequently asked questions

How do I reach you for brand partnerships?
I'm always happy to discuss new partnerships. Please contact me for any business inqueries.
Are you available for contract or hire?
I am not currently taking on new projects.
Will you review my design or portfolio?
I'm happy to help. Please head over to my calendar to schedule a coaching session.
How often do you host workshops?
At least once per month. Sign up for event reminders to get notified of upcoming workshops.
How much are your workshops?
All workshops up to this point have been free. In the future, some workshops may have a one-time attendance fee.
How can I ask you a quick question?
Where are you most active online?
As of right now, you can catch me actively on TikTok and LinkedIn - come say hello 👋
Do you have any courses I can take?
I currently do not have any courses available, but I'm happy to recommend some next time you catch me on a livestream.
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