Framer Portfolio Contest Judging Criteria

Creativity & Originality

  • Demonstrates unique design elements and innovative ideas.

  • Originality in the portfolio's concept or theme.

  • How effectively does the portfolio stand out from typical designs?

Design Aesthetics

  • Overall visual appeal, use of color, typography, and spacing.

  • How visually compelling is the portfolio?

Use of Framer

  • Skillful and sophisticated use of Framer's features.

  • Absence of technical errors, glitches, or broken links.

  • How well does the portfolio exploit the capabilities of Framer to enhance its presentation?

User Experience

  • Ease of navigation and intuitive layout for users to explore the portfolio.

  • Clear presentation of projects, skills, and information about the designer.

  • How effectively does the design guide the viewer through the portfolio's content?

  • Responsiveness and adaptability of the design across different devices and screen sizes.

  • Performance across different devices and browsers.

Content Presentation

  • Clarity, relevance, and presentation of the portfolio content.

  • How well are projects and skills showcased within the design?

  • How effective or innovative is the storytelling?

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